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Full Services: From Filing to Resolution

With full service, we take care of everything:

  • File claims
  • Arrange for carrier inspections
  • Follow-up with carriers
  • Argue & negotiate with carriers to reverse claim declinations
  • Generate monthly claim reports
  • Collect payment and mail checks to you on the 15th and 30th of every month

Want to handle some tasks yourself? We can customize our services to fit your needs.

A Proactive Approach

We’ve all been there – the carrier declines a claim because the consignee didn’t follow proper receiving procedures – and now your client blames you. That’s why we have a specific protocol to ensure that consignees know exactly what to do when they receive a shipment with an exception. And how much contact we have with your clients and consignees is up to you. We can stay behind the scenes, communicating only with you, or we can advise consignees and clients directly.

Recover Additional Freight Claim Expenses

In our experience, 20 – 30% of claims are filed for less than the claimant was entitled to. For example, expenses such as return shipping or disposal costs are also recoverable. We can review your freight claims and identify additional expenses such as these that you are entitled to claim – we’ll ensure you‘re getting back everything you and your clients deserve.

Discover the True Causes of Loss & Damage

We can review your claims data to find where problems are occurring most often. Our goal is to identify facilities, carriers, products, customers and employees that are causing the loss & damages. You’ll have fewer claims to deal with, and you can promote it to your clients as an additional quality-control check.

Reverse Declined Claims

The reality is that carriers will decline paying claims whenever possible. However, we can often reverse carrier’s claim declinations by presenting them with the proper legal precedents. We have strategies for recovering claims even in difficult cases, including concealed damage claims, dropped trailer, SL&C, and international claims.

Success Story: A broker’s claim for $43,000 was declined by both the insurance company and the carrier. Once we intervened, the insurance company paid the full amount.

Get Carriers Working on YOUR Terms

Prevent disagreements and surprises with your carriers before they happen. CDS can help you to create a Master Transportation Agreement with your carriers to make it easier to recover freight claims. We’ll also ensure that your Master Agreement takes precedence over the Carrier’s Rule Tariff.

Claim Expertise by the Numbers

Established in 1980, we specialize in freight claims. We’re claim experts, because it’s the only business we’re in. Here’s our business, by the numbers:

  • 90 – 95% – our claim recovery rate
  • 70 days – our average claim resolution time (cut-off is 120 days).
  • $15 million – our recoveries in the last 5 years

A $43,000 success story

A freight broker filed a claim for $43,000. However, both the carrier and the insurance company declined the claim. Once we became involved, we provided the insurance company with legal precedents to argue our client’s case. We also followed up persistently and in the end, the insurance company paid the full value of the claim – $43,000.

Want to see if you’re leaving money on the table? Call us at
1-847-397-1993 or email us to book a claim review.

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