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MyEZClaim is the top of the line freight claim management software, which we use to manage all of our clients’ claims and as an integral part of our Freight Claims Assistance Program

This robust system harnesses a powerful database to track trends in your claims data. Powerful productivity features help to streamline freight claim management processes and reduce time spent filing.

At CDS, we believe in claim prevention. Here is how we use MyEZClaim to help our clients reduce their claim volume.

  • MyEZClaim comes pre-loaded with 80 automatically generated reports, allowing us to track trends by virtually any variable, such as season, carrier, shipper, product, or consignee.
  • We can then filter further on over 150 different variables, so we can confidently determine the cause of the problem.
  • Report scheduling allows us to monitor high level trends, to catch issues as they happen.
  • The map overlay enables us to see claim volume by route and region, identifying problem routes or shipping locations.
  • The ability to filter by product allows us to identify products in need of improved packaging.
  • Filtering by claim reason, in conjunction with shipper and location allows us to identify warehouses and distributors in need of additional training.


Your data security is a major priority for us. MyEZClaim has the following security features.

  • Data is backed up daily to two redundant data centers.
  • Each data center is hosted on a different power grid and has access to a generator in order to avoid downtime. This is in addition to state of the art anti-virus and firewall protection.
  • When transmitting your data over the internet, MyEZClaim uses the same technology as online banks to protect your information.


If you are interested in learning more about MyEZClaim, the CDS Freight Claim Assistance Program, or our services, contact us here.

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