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1. High Recovery Rate

We have a very high recovery rate, at 90 – 95%. And we don’t limit ourselves to collecting reimbursements from carriers. When carriers are not liable, we look to suppliers or other responsible parties to compensate you for your loss or damage.

2. Fast Claim Resolution

We average claim resolution in less than 70 days. This is compared to the 120 days that carriers have to resolve a claim. Quick resolution is essential for avoiding cash flow issues.

3. Specialized

Managing freight claims is the only business we are in, so we have the experience needed to achieve the best results. Most other companies provide freight claim management as a side offering in addition to their core consulting or logistical services.

4. Experienced

We have extensive experience and expertise – our team has a combined 135 years of experience in the logistics industry. Our experience on both the shipper side and the carrier side allow us to negotiate with carriers effectively.

5. Solve the Root Problem

We treat the root cause, not just symptoms. We provide reporting to identify and correct root causes such as poor packaging, problem carriers, or careless shippers.

6. Full Service

We offer hands-on claims management, not only clerks processing claims. We follow up and negotiate with carriers as necessary, rather than just submitting the paperwork.

7. Transparency

We provide web based software with customer access, giving you full transparency into the status of your claims.

8. Reduced Cost Options

We are willing to share the workload with you to reduce processing costs. Many clients use this shared work option to take advantage of our expertise while doing the manual processes themselves.

9. Free Analysis

We provide a free analysis of denied and paid claims. This allows you to recover damages that you haven’t been able to recover on your own, and only pay for results. This also allows us to determine if there are any shortfalls in current processing that could be improved.

10. Put You in Control

We aim to work ourselves out of a job. We provide written procedures and manuals so that you can eventually bring the process in-house, with CDS’ involvement reduced to a semi-annual review, if necessary.

Want to see how we can reduce your claim costs? Click here to get a quote. Or contact us.

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