Freight Claim Services

Here are just some of the services that we offer - we are always happy to take on custom projects to fit your needs.

Freight Claim Filing

CDS can help you to recover more freight claim losses, quickly and effectively. We can even help you recover losses that you didn’t realize you were entitled to claim. Whether you need coaching with freight claim management, help with follow-up, or you’d like us to take care of everything for you, we can tailor the solution.

Recover More Freight Claims, With Less Carrier Hassle

Prevent disagreements and surprises with your carrier before they happen. CDS can help you to create a Master Transportation Agreement with your carriers to make it easier to recover freight claims when losses or damages occur. We’ll also ensure that your Master Agreement takes precedence over any fine print in the Carrier’s Rule Tariff.

Reduce Client Refund Expenses

It’s common for shippers to send a product, only to receive a complaint from a client who hasn’t received it. After you give the client a credit or refund, often times they receive the original product – and yet, they still have a credit for the “missing” product. CDS can show you how to reclaim these unnecessary customer credits.

Recover Additional Freight Claim Expenses

You can claim more than simply the cost of the product. Many shipping charges are claimable – charges for outbound shipping, return shipping, and shipping for disposal and repair. We can review your freight claims and identify additional expenses such as these that you are entitled to claim.

Freight Claim Filing Software Access

Prefer to manage your claims in house but you are looking to improve your freight claim filing processes? CDS can provide you with access to a Web Based Freight Claim Management System. This will allow you to streamline your freight claim filing and reduce costs.

Freight Claim Filing Software

Our state-of-the-art software allows us to speed freight claim filing, reduce costs, prevent freight claim damages, and pass savings on to you.

Freight Claim Assistance Program

Many shippers like keeping their freight claim management in-house, but they have trouble finding the proper training for their claims personnel. That’s why we’ve developed the Freight Claim Assistance Program – it’s a full coaching and training program designed to put procedures in place, streamline processes, and empower claims staff to dramatically increase recoveries.

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Freight Claim Post-Audit Review

CDS can review your closed freight claims that have been denied by your carrier. Most often, CDS, once contacting them and sharing court rulings and precedents, can re-open the freight claim and resolve the re-filed claim in your favor. We can also review closed, resolved freight claims to confirm the amount to which you are entitled; often it is more than you were initially paid.

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Freight Claim Reporting

CDS’ advanced reporting capabilities allow us to identify the root causes of freight claim problems, and then formulate a plan to correct them. Our detailed reporting also gives you the leverage you need to negotiate lower carrier costs and larger discounts. It also provides you the ability to choose carrier partners with the lowest operational percentage of loss and damage claims.