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How Does the Post Audit Service Work?

CDS will review claims that were either paid or denied by carriers, as well as unfiled losses and damages that could result in a recovery of claim dollars.

Using Freight Claim Law to Recover Denied Claims

Often times the correct court ruling will be enough to convince a carrier to pay a previously denied claim or an under-paid claim. CDS’s expertise allows us to know when and how to use the law, court cases and precedents set by carriers to resolve claims in your favor.

Recovering More Dollars with Freight Claim Law

If your claim was filed for an incorrect amount, CDS will reopen the claim, adjust the claim amount, and work with the carrier to recover additional dollars.

Cost of the Post Audit Freight Claim Service

The service is funded through a percentage of recovery and there are no upfront costs to you. In this way, we guarantee that you will leave with more money in your pocket than before using the service. We have done this to ensure that everyone is able to be served fairly under freight claim law. If we are unable to recover additional funds for you, we will not receive any payment for the service. No recoveries, no costs, no loss.

Recovering Losses from Unfiled Freight Claims

CDS will review your unfiled claims and identify carrier liability and file the claims on your behalf. This service is based on a fee plus a small percentage of dollars recovered.

How Much Might We Really Recover?

Results vary by company, but through our post-audits done to date we have found that, on average, as much as 10%-20% in recoverable expenses are not initially included in freight claims.

Download our case study to see how we were able to find $12,000 in savings for a manufacturer, as well as $37,000 for a 3PL.

Download our Post Audit Case Study Here

Download our case study to see how we identified $12,000 and $37,000 in savings for a manufacturer and a 3PL.

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