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In 2015, we took on a Fortune 100 manufacturer and applied our proven freight claim processing method. We developed a set of formal freight claim procedures which included:

  • Implementing a process to ensure that the web-based freight claim management system was used for all claims
  • Developing forms and guidelines to ensure that the correct amount was claimed
    • For example, processes & check lists to determine what charges could be added to the invoice cost, as a part of the freight claim
  • Developing a freight claim check list to ensure complete documentation was included with the claim
  • Setting up a formal follow-up procedure
  • Providing examples of court rulings and precedents applying to their product line and shipments that would be used in challenging carrier declinations
    • This allows our client to continue to receive the most from their carriers, even without our ongoing help
  • Formalizing monthly and YTD reporting that identified root causes of freight claims
    • This allows us to reduce the number of claims filed annually
    • For example, these reports identified carriers, products and/or locations that were the cause of claims
  • Reopening freight claims that were underpaid and collecting additional dollars
  • Reopening freight claims that were denied to get them paid and resolved in our client’s favor

Here’s a summary of the results of our new claim program:

  • Recovered $3.5 million in claims in just 2.5 years
  • Recovered $2,648,000 in the last 18 months
  • Recovered $290,000 in just one month this year
  • Recovered an additional $55,000 through our Small Parcel Program – recovered entirely with claims for less than $100 each.

Looking for more information on our past results? Download our MyEZClaim Case Study.

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